Joint Injections

Acute or chronic joint problems can often be treated with a simple injection. This can be particularly useful where conservative measures or physiotherapy have not provided adequate relief. If you have a joint problem which is not settling, please make an appointment with one of the doctors to discuss whether this may be suitable for you.



Certain harmless skin growths can be treated using the Histo-freeze cryotherapy system. If you would like to discuss whether this is an option for you, please make an appointment with one of the doctors. If you notice a new or changing skin lesion, you should also make an appointment to have this assessed.


For information, advice and assessment of muscle and joint problems, you can contact the physiotherapy department directly on 0845 604 0001

You can useful self- help advice by looking at this web site: Phyio-self-help


Maternity Services

If you find to be pregnant please contact the surgery to book an appointment with the midwife.Please note that home kit pregnancy test is as accurate as sending the urine sample to the lab.If you are in doubt please submit a urine sample.Midwife clinic is every Tuesday afternoon.  Pregnant women have the choice of having their care at Wishaw General Hospital or the Princess Royal, Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. You are urged to make your initial appointment at your earliest convenience.


Mental Health

If you suffer from a chronic mental health problem, it is advisable to attend for a general medical examination at least once per year. Often this will incorporate checks of your weight and height, enquiries regarding cigarette and alcohol use, and blood tests including cholesterol and a diabetes check. If it has been more than one year since your last examination, you will be invited to attend by letter.

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